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Brooklyn Bicycle Company 

"We design bikes that fit into your life, not bikes that you need to fit your life around. That’s our bottom line.

For us, riding means commuting, socializing, getting things done and, sometimes, just being seen. And we don’t feel it’s unreasonable to call for comfort, quality and a value greater than the sum on a pricetag when talking about a full-on lifestyle accessory.

Every one of our bikes adapts to your personal style, answers to everyone’s want for comfort, and speaks to the universal truth that anything can be elevated by design. None of it is by accident.

As a brand, we roll peerless by not seeing ourselves as “just a bike company,” but rather as Solutionists set on improving the urban lifestyle experience and reconnecting fellow city dwellers to the streets that map their days."

Yeti Cycles

Not many people can argue: the best mountain bikes on the planet...


Oh yeah, owned by a Buckeye!


and a little more...

Foundry Cycles

Cyclocross... Gravel Grinder... Endurance Road...


Carbon and Titanium used in the best way.



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